Practicals briefly


Test 1 - 6.12.2016 at 8.00 in the Jonáš Hall
    Results of the test
Test 2 - 2.1..2017 at 11.30 in the Syllaba Hall (we'll try to reschedule this test). 
   Results of the test
Test 3 - 19. 4. 2017 at 13.30
   Results of the test Student who failed will be examined by Drs. Prusik (groups 1, 2) and Bednář (groups 3, 4).  Questions will not be released. Students are allowed to view their tests for limited time on Thursday, April 27th. Please contact Mrs. Lipertova (dept. secretary). 
Test 4 - 16. 5. 2017 at 15.45 Burian Hall)*

   Results of the test
Test 5 - 30. 6. 2017 at 11.30 Syllaba Hall)**

   Results of the test

)* Separate Microbiology test and Infectology test (to get infectology colloquium). On the contrary to the previous school year parasitology is included in this test.

)** Separate tests from Microbiology and  Pathology of infectious diseases (under the auspices of pathologists). Both tests are necessary to get microbiology colloquium


Results of the test in Propedeutics in Internal Medicine