Medical microbiology deals with microorganisms and their effects on human health. At our faculty, the discipline of microbiology is a basic constituent of the course Microbiology, Immunology and General Infectology - MII (fifth + sixth semesters). The focus of the education is shifted to the microbial pathogenesis and immunology. It also contains an introduction to the clinical microbiology. 

REQUIRED TEXT (BOTH SEMESTERS): Murray P, Rosenthal KS, Pfaller MA. Medical Microbiology, eighth ed., Elsevier Mosby 2015  or the seventh edition of this textbook.  The book can be ordered at Czech bookstores Megabooks or you can buy it online at Elsevier.

MICROBIOLOGY COLLOQUIA REQUIREMENTS: The microbiology includes lectures and laboratory practicals. Individual learning is also essential. The students demonstrate their knowledge at 5 written multiple choice tests during two semesters. At the beginning of winter semester students should take part in the laboratory practicals with a good background knowledge of the topics involved. Students must attend the practicals in accordance with the guidelines of the faculty. Students with excess absence and/or students who have not improved on their bad test results are not permitted to sit for the course exam. The students should prepare notes on their work and results at the laboratory practicals. Summer microbiology colloquium includes Pathology of infectious diseases (lectures + test). 

REPEATING THE MICROBIOLOGY COLLOQUIUM: Register the colloquium on SIS. Register the course Microbiology, Immunology and General Infectology on SIS.You must retake all tests of the colloquium independently on your results from previous school year (if resume the colloquium after an interruption of studies the tests results remain valid).  

Microbiology winter colloquium: presence + test1 + test2
Immunology colloquim: presence
Microbiology summer colloquium: test3 + test4 + test 5 + test "pathology"
General Infectology colloquium: presence + test "infectology"
Credit from MII: the above four colloquia
Application for exam: credit from MII 



Marek Bednar
Associate Professor of Microbiology